Premium Compostable Coffee Pods - Waterloo Blend
Premium Compostable Coffee Pods - Waterloo Blend
Premium Compostable Coffee Pods - Waterloo Blend

Premium Compostable Coffee Pods - Waterloo Blend

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At last - a fully compostable and delicious craft coffee pod!  

Our customer favorite Waterloo Blend now comes in a compostable coffee pod for use in K-Cup® type brewers.*  

This balanced medium roast blend of Sumatran, Brazilian, and Central American coffees is named for the lakes and woods of Michigan's Waterloo Recreation Area where the DawnBreaker Coffee roastery was first located.  A customer favorite, it is smooth, rich, and delicious.

Until now DawnBreaker Coffee has avoided coffee pods because historically, coffee pods

     • Often don't taste great
     • Have lots of plastic waste
     • Are difficult to recycle

Partnering with Greenpod Coffee Packing (click on the link for more info on composting), DawnBreaker Coffee has solved those problems.  Each craft-roasted DawnBreaker Coffee pod has over 30% more grounds than most common coffee pods for a fuller, richer flavor, and is individually wrapped and nitrogen flushed to maintain freshness.  And every part, the box, the wrapper, and the pod itself, are compostable.

Feel good about not filling the landfill with coffee trash! DawnBreaker Coffee's coffee pods are certified for industrial composting - but this is the only compost certification available in the US.  They have been successfully composted in a healthy home compost system, simply taking a longer time to break down the bio-resin part of the pods.

If you don't compost at home, many communities now offer compost services with community drop-off locations.  For example, the City of Ann Arbor offers both compost drop-off and curbside pick-up.

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*K-Cup is a registered trademark of Keurig Incorporated. DawnBreaker Coffee has
no affiliation with the owners of the identified trademark.